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Medical Assembly

Assembles and inspects medical devices in a clean room environment. Job requires ability to work with small hand tools using dexterity and accuracy.

Light Industrial

Maintains and repairs factory equipment and other industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment.


Performs a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing for commercial buildings and hotels. Ensuring all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards.


Responsible for cleaning packaging materials, loading items into containers, and weighing and labeling the items appropriately.


Provides administrative and clerical support to ensure the efficient operation of the department or office.

Machine Operator

Responsible for performing various tasks to set up, operate, monitor, troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance on assigned machines.


We have a pool of fine sewers that can easily be supplied to clients’ as needed whether it’s “apparel or medical industries”. Most of our sewers are capable of operating sewing machines and/or sewing by hand.


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