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About Us

We are the bridge that connects employers to workers. Restaffing seeks to fill the employment gaps by conducting culturally specific trainings to build a pool of qualified workers, ensuring that they have the skills and tools necessary to be successful as a part of your team. Companies who partner with Restaffing will have access to their choice of employees from our pool of workers through our website. To maintain our standard of quality we evaluate each employee’s performance with HR or the direct supervisor to ensure client’s satisfactions are met and address any concerns within the first few weeks.

We recognize that hiring someone for a 20-hour task or trying to find workers to fill the holiday rush takes considerable time, energy, and resources.  Working with a staffing agency is often times the most cost efficient way to cover your HR needs.

Restaffing offers a quick and easy solution to filling your staffing needs. Our quality service begins with screening each applicant to match employers specific staffing and consulting needs, this allows employers to stay focused on their core business.

As the entrepreneurial founder of Restaffing LLC, Dean is committed to connecting and helping companies find the best possible candidates to fulfill their staffing and labor needs. Dean’s past extensive experiences working for a St. Paul-based staffing agency in sales, recruitment, hiring, and operations gives him a unique perspective on how to serve the best companies looking for staff and people looking for their next job and career. Dean has helped numerous companies in MN fulfill their staffing needs with qualified and experienced people. He is passionate about bridging the employment gap many companies face and assisting job seekers in finding the right employment opportunities for the right company and future employees.

Next, Gaohlee, our CFO, has run multiple businesses, from flower shops to transportation agencies. She also understands the customer service business and will help clients and candidates with issues. She has the empathy and perseverance to help those in need — don’t hesitate to ask her questions regarding job opportunities or our worksites.

Adam, the CMO of Restaffing. Adam has several years of experience in the social media department and runs his own business on the side. Whether meeting with clients, helping candidates with job opportunities, or running the office, he will do what he can to ensure everything runs smoothly. He will help in any way to ensure everyone is on the same page and everything runs smoothly.

Our office manager, Kong, has run multiple businesses, whether restaurants or temp agencies. So he understands the importance of customer service. He is there to greet future candidates with kindness and make them feel at home. Kong also will try to break the ice with jokes and a cup of tea or coffee. He is the frontman and will ensure our candidates are ready for future destinations.